Friday, December 17, 2010

Especial de Fim de Ano - XVIII

Holidays Special - XVIII

Voces tem o costume de fazer promessas de fim de ano? Tipo, "Eu vou viajar para algum lugar exotico no ano que vem" ou "Vou tingir meus cabelos de loiro platinado". Eu nao tenho muito esse costume, mas eh bem divertido ler as listas dos amigos! :D De acordo com o site, aqui estao as top 10 promessas de ano novo:

10. Ser mais organizado
9. Ajudar os outros
8. Aprender algo novo
7. Quitar dividas
6. Parar de beber
5. Aproveitar mais a vida
4. Parar de fumar
3. Perder peso
2. Exercitar-se mais
1. Passar mais tempo com a familia e amigos 

E voces, leitores? Alguma promessa para 2011? Conte pra gente!!

Do you usually make a new year's resolution list? Like, "I'll travel to somewhere exotic next year" or "I'll die my hair platinum blond". I don't have this habit but it is pretty cool to read friend's lists! :D According to the website, here's their top 10 new year's resolutions:

10. Get organized
9. Help others
8. Learn something new
7. Get out of debt
6. Quit drinking
5. Enjoy life more
4. Quite smoking
3. Tame the bulge
2. Fit in fitness
1. Spend more time with family and friends

And you, readers? Any resolutions for 2011? Tell us!!


  1. Falar com minha filha mais vezes

  2. 2 of my resolutions are in the list, get more organized and enjoy life more! Nowadays I just feel like working non stop, with a lot of stress and no fun in life. 2011 will be the year of changes, I hope!

  3. I will definitely let my hair grow out back again! I had the horrible idea of cutting it short, in a bob!!! Maybe I will gossip less too! But that is my guilty pleasure!!! lol

  4. I think I'll change jobs. I don't have any hopes of being promoted, once they don't give you any chances to show your best. It's very frustating, also, I need more $$$ to renovate my house. Hope my co-workers are not reading this!