Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Vancouver, BC - Canada - 19/12/2012
Lembram-se que eu postei essa foto de Yaletown, Vancouver, que eu tirei no dia 15 de Novembro desse ano?
Olha que diferenca!
A foto acima foi tirada hoje, 19 de Dezembro de 2012. Nevou um pouqinho esses dias atras, mas nada muito intenso. Hoje foi o primeiro dia de muuuita neve em Vancouver esse ano. Nao parece, mas isso eh muito para os padroes vancouverianos!

Remember I posted this photo of Yaletown, Vancouver, taken on November 15?
Look how different it is now!
The photo above was taken today, December 19, 2012. Today was the first day of heavy snow in the city (well, it has snowed a little before today but it was just annoying hail). It doesn't look like but it is a lot for Vancouver standards. 

Abaixo a comparacao das fotos.
See below the difference! 


  1. Vancouver is wonderful when it snows!

  2. Isn't my city amazing?

  3. Would love a bit of snow where I am right now :) It is hot and muggy here in Hong Kong!