Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Lisa, uma tigre branca de tres anos de idade, deu a luz dois filhotinhos fofos no dia 8 de outubro num zoologico da Franca. Eles foram apresentados ao publico nesta segunda-feira passada, 05 de dezembro. Adoravel! s2

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Lisa, a three year old white tiger, gave birth to two cute little cubs on October 8th in a zoo in France. They were introduced to the public eye on Monday December 5th. Adorbs! s2


  1. I can't see the picture! Maybe because I'm using my phone to access your blog!

  2. Hi Juliey,
    It's not a picture, it is a small video. I have no idea why we can't see the video using our phones. I'm having the same problem as you, but the video is fine when I use my laptop. Try accessing the blog through a desktop computer or a laptop! :)

  3. I can't see the pic :( I am sure they are really cute :)

  4. Damn ipads are useless sometimes! I really wanted to see the tiger cubs!