Thursday, October 21, 2010



This is Cascao. Since we are little, friends know when we are friends. Because we share moments, we support each other. They are always by our side, when we win or when we are defeated; in the good times, bad times. Friendship is not always agreeing with each other, but to give it up sometimes. Friendship is like having a brother who doesn't live in the same house. It is sharing secrets and emotions. It is understanding, it is amusement. It is being able to count on someone every time you need! It is having everything in common and nothing in common! And having nothing in common, really! It is knowing that you have more in common than you think. It is missing each other! It is wanting to have a break from each other! It is giving preferences, it is being jealous! Real friendship never ends. Even when we are grown-ups, and other people show up in our lives. Because we can't explain friendship. It simply exists!


  1. ´´E´isso ai. Amizade não se explica. Vive-se

  2. show de bola seu blog.. gostei

  3. Lindooooo!
    A nossa é pra sempre! Pode ter certeza!
    Saudades... beijo.